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Psychodrome Simon Hawke


Simon Hawke

Kindle Edition
222 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Fresh out of the service, Arkady OToole decides to celebrate with a gambling spree on the Ginza Strip of Tokyo. He winds up in a game of high stakes poker with some heavy duty players and makes one very big mistake -- he wins. The man he takes down for a bundle turns out to be a warlord of the Yakuza and Hakim Saqqara doesnt like to lose.Trying to escape Saqqaras vengeance, OToole enters Psychodrome, the ultimate reality game show, where the audience can link up and access the thoughts and feelings of the players as they compete in an intergalactic scavenger hut where reality blurs with computer simulation and winning could make a player rich ... or it could make him dead.And as if that wasnt challenging enough, OToole discovers that Saqqaras ninja assassins have followed him into the game ....