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The Firelings Carol Kendall

The Firelings

Carol Kendall

Published 1986
252 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When the ground trembled and fear filled the air the Firelings of old cowered with dread. Living high on a crag called Belchers Body, the Firelings knew the true meaning of the earth-roar: it was Belchers stomach grumbling. Tacky-obbie, the orphan, had heard about it all his life. How the terrible noise and spewing forth could only be stopped by an offering. Now the rumbling was fierce once more, and the smell of fear was everywhere. Now the belly of the Belcher demanded a morsel. Only this time, the morsel was Tacky-obbie...Note:This version is ISBN 0441238653Added this version with different cover art than what was already in the system.